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Time To Get Winter-Ready! Happy Autumn Motoring From CornerStone Auto Glass

‘Twas the night before winter, and all through the land,

The trav’lers were trav’ling, just like they had planned.

Like, over the river, and out through the woods,

To Grandmother’s house, for some tasty baked goods.

The summer was over, and now it was fall,

And, sorry to say it, some tires were quite bald.

But that’s not the worst news: Some windshields were cracked,

And smacked, and quite whacked, and some totally jacked.

This was a bummer, of course, because hey,

You wanted to sell that car one of these days!

And as everyone knows (or, at least everyone here),

You can’t get top dollar when glass isn’t clear.

And not only that, when you’ve got precious loads

Such as toddlers, you wanna be safe on the roads.

So trav’lers with whacked cars might want to upgrade

And sell that used car, or perhaps make a trade.

So this is the very best time of the year

To fix up your windshield, and, just to be clear,

To check your bald tires, and those old wiper blades,

And then, maybe call up a guy we know: Wade.

That’s right. If you’re looking to upgrade your wheels,

You want a smart broker who knows the smart deals.

So call Cornerstone when your windshield needs fixin,’

And then call a broker we know named Wade Dixon.

Once your car’s one of the formerly jacked:

Your tires have good tread, and your glass is not cracked,

You’ll make things much easier for our friend Wade,

Whether selling your used car or seeking a trade.

But even if planning to keep that used auto,

And drive it around in our state (Colorado),

With winter approaching, and storms at their worst,

Call Cornerstone, get fixed, and think Safety First!

Happy Autumn Motoring from your friends at CornerStone Auto Glass! If your auto glass needs a little TLC to get ready for winter, call us today and ask about our winterization specials.

At CornerStone, you’ll always get the best products, and the best service, at a true value price for top quality auto glass work. And with our mobile service, we might be able to get you un-jacked right at your home or business!

If you are looking to buy, sell or lease a new(or new to you) car call our friend Wade Dixson. He will help you navigate the crazy world that is obtaining a car in 2021.

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