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Yay! School’s In Session Again!

… But Does That Mean You’ll Be Spending More Time

Behind Some Icky Glass?

“Back To School” time is a season of great joy (for some), and also of great dread (for some others). But whatever your personal view on the matter, it’s happening anyway, and getting back to school is always easier if you have ALL the right school supplies.

You can get a list of the supplies you’ll need to get for school, probably from the school (just a guess). You know, Number Two pencils, Elmer’s glue, slide rule (whatever the heck that is),crispy snacks, stuff like that.

But does that list really include everything you’ll need to be ready for “Back To School?”

Probably not.

So, as a public service, your friends at CornerStone Auto Glass have gone to great effort to compile a list of school supplies your college or school district may have overlooked. Here it is:

College Students Driving Back To College

  • New windshield

College Students Driving Around AT College

  • New windshield

High School Students Driving Wherever They Drive

  • New windshield

“Soccer Moms” Driving Everybody Everywhere All The Time

  • Chilled wine (for after bedtime)

  • New windshield

Just kidding we know how it really is ;)

Teachers And Administrators Carpooling To School

  • (See “Soccer Moms” back to school list)

It’s true. When the calendar says you’re about to be spending lots more time behind your windshield, it would be nifty (also MUCH safer) if that windshield wasn’t smacked, jacked, whacked, or cracked.

If your windshield is any kind of icky (as described above), give us a call! The professional auto glass experts at CornerStone Auto Glass are here for you. And with our fantastic mobile service, we can be THERE for you, too!

Check out the many gushing five-star online reviews of our service, then get in touch. We can’t WAIT to earn that next embarrassingly-enthusiastic review from you.


Pop Quiz! (Just for fun)

What was your LEAST favorite school supply item when you were a kid?

Send your answer to...

The most clever, creative response WINS A PRIZE! *

(* Prize is at the sole discretion of Kira Wilson, her heirs, assigns, and a focus group of parents, teachers, and administrators who will be meeting after bedtime. Prize will have absolutely NO CASH VALUE, and would not be valid in connection with an insurance claim… but otherwise, well, let’s just say it’s way better than a slide rule, whatever that is. Offer void where prohibited, but that’s just something we have to say. We don’t know of any prohibition on our pop quiz. So you’re probably fine. Entries received before bedtime will be required to brush their teeth and say good night to the television. It’s a school night! Boring, serious responses have absolutely no hope of winning, and may adversely affect your mid-term grades. So don’t go there. Best of luck!)

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