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Windshield Installation The Correct Way

Your windshield is major safety feature of your vehicle and provides 46 to 62 percent of your vehicle's strength to protect you in an accident.

90% of the windshields that we replace that were installed by someone else WERE INSTALLED INCORRECTLY!!! At CornerStone Auto Glass we install every windshield the RIGHT way.

Remove Mouldings

CornerStone always takes the time to remove the old mouldings carefully. If they can re-use them, it will save you the cost of new parts.
When you request a price quote, you will be told, up front, if there may be an extra charge for new mouldings.
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Removing the Cowl Panel

In most cars, the cowl panel and other parts must be removed and this adds several minutes to the length of the installation. Our technicians are trained to take the extra time necessary to carefully remove any parts needed in order to install the new windshield correctly.

Removing the Old Windshield and Urethane

When the correct primer is used on the glass, the urethane is attached so thoroughly to the glass that we have to cut through the bead of adhesive to remove the windshield.
When the correct products and procedures are used, the strength of the bond between the glass, urethane, and car body will meet or exceed the safety standards set by the federal government.

The AGSC standard requires that any rust that is in the windshield channel be removed, and the proper primers are used on the metal and the glass before the windshield is replaced.

The primer is expensive, but we use it anyway. The application process adds about 10 minutes to installation process and everyone knows that "time is money", but we take the time.
When you receive a price quote on a new windshield, the price will probably be a little more than our competitors, but as you can see, you will be getting your money's worth!

Applying the New Adhesive

The AGSC standard requires the correct use of urethane products that meet certain federal standards of strength. Technicians must be trained in their proper use. Some cars (mostly expensive foreign models) require special types of urethane that are more expensive.
Most urethanes meet the federal standards when they are applied according to the manufacturer's instructions. Temperature, humidity and the use of the correct primers will affect the strength of the adhesive. CornerStone technicians are trained in the proper use of SIKA brand urethane products. CornerStone chooses to pay more for the best quality urethane because it is compatible to our cold dry climates.
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SIKA urethane has the fastest "Safe Drive Away Time". CornerStone will always give you the safe drive away in writing, on your invoice.

Choosing a Windshield

The AGSC standard requires the use of Original Equipment Manufacturer Quality Glass. OEM quality means that it is made to the same standards as the original. It is the same color, size, shape & thickness as the original glass.
CornerStone Auto Glass always uses OEM quality glass from manufacturers that offer a warranty that covers any defect in the glass. There are cheaper brands of glass that do not have a warranty against defects and we never use them.
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We used to say that we only used “American Made” windshields. We cannot make that claim anymore because all of the American companies are making at least some of their glass in China now. Some car companies are even using Chinese manufacturers for their original glass.
We promise to ensure that your windshield will be the highest quality available. Here In Colorado, where there are always rocks on the road, the weather is unpredictable and the potential for a serious accident is great, it just makes sense to use the best quality glass.

Installing a Windshield

We have the training, experience, and commitment necessary to do a great job. We take the time to take your car apart correctly, we remove all of the old urethane and rust, and we use the proper primers and the best adhesives, glass and parts available.
Now, let's just slap that windshield in and hit the road… NOT!
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Once the windshield has been cleaned and primed, we do not touch the glass because the oil from our hands has been known to affect the primer or urethane.
Most windshields require two people to set properly. We use suction cups to hold the glass and carefully place it in exactly the correct spot.
CornerStone checks the seal all the way around and reassembles the car. If needed, we also vacuum the interior and after a careful check to be sure we haven't left behind any broken glass or dirt, the job is done.
At CornerStone Auto Glass our Customer Satisfaction Warranty says it all. We can offer our warranty because we install every windshield exactly the way it is supposed to be installed and we do not skimp on the quality of our parts or on the time we take for the installation.

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